dimanche 1 mars 2015

Today, special Iceland accounts for blog readers

Today, Clearstream Luxembourg accounts "Special Iceland"

Clearstream 2001

  • Landsbanki Luxembourg S.A.provides banking services. The company was formerly known as Bunadarbanki International S.A. As a result of Bunadarbanki International S.A.'s acquisition by Landsbanki Islands, Bunadarbanki International S.A.'s name was changed. The company was incorporated in 2000 and is based in Luxembourg. As of 2010, Landsbanki Luxembourg S.A. is in liquidation.

More about Landsbanki "fraud":

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Blogger Justice AAA a dit...

We are hundreds of victims of this terrible Luxembourg bankruptcy administration where creditors were classified as debtors through false accounting and money disappeared from our accounts and our homes were seized in an asset-stripping exercise. We can see there is a bankrupty "system"in Luxemborug and it is worse than the Tax rulings as the bankruptcies of subsidiaries through Luxembourg have made Luxembourg very rich and the consumers and clients and small businesses go bankrupt. Luxembourg judiciary does not investigate false accounting. Luxembourg supervision does not exist where the Financial Place is concerned and a man who steals toothpaste from a supermarket was condemned to prison accused of Money Laundering, whilst the Mega- Big money launderers are protected by the judiciary. Luxembourg is making a joke out of Europe and they thought the old pensioners would not fight for Justice! Luxembourg is wrong. We will fight for justice

2 mars 2015 à 04:20  

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